The Art of Indian Food


201 High St, Epping CM16 4BL
Tel: 01992 575122
Email : manager.

Our Moto.

the art of indian food

At Zaikaa we are passionate about great food. We aim to provide our customers with the very best Indian food and exceptional service, we are constantly trying to improve your experience and would appreciate any feedback that you may have to help us achieve this, so let us know what you think either via email or phone: or 01992575122

Our professional skills lie in the balancing and blending of spices, and this is what Zaikaa want to share with you. Taste the Real Indian food.

Bon Appetit… The Zaikaa team

Taste the Real Art

with family & friends

Our Menu.

fresh from the kitchen


Avocado Salad

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Spaghetti Carbonara

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Strawberry Smoothies

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Shrimp Soup

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Rice Katsu

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Lemon Tea

Taiyaki brunch mustache.

Spring Rools

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Burger & Ribs

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Zaikaa Epping welcome you to experience a wonderful time with the art of Indian food. 


We are located at the heart of the Epping High Street, Just by the Barclays Bank . Its the first floor of 201 High Street, Epping, CM16 4BL. 


We are committed to entertain you with our delicious food as well as many events such as tribute night and karaoke music events.

Buffets & Banquette

A special Buffets arrangements for Sunday and Wednesday Banquette evening can be enjoyed with a special price.